Sweet Potato Fries

It’s hard to imagine these outside of a North Carolina old fashioned small town burger place, but they can be just as good even when they’re removed from their native setting.



1 large sweet potato                                  $0.88

Ground Sea Salt, to taste                         $free (ish)

4 cups frying oil*                                        $2.89


Total Cost                                                       $3.77

Total Cost if you already had the oil: $0.88


Heat the oil in the deep fryer.**  

Wash and peel the sweet potato. Cut the potato in your favorite shape for fried potatoes – you could go with the little disc shapes for home fries, or long slender cuts for the more traditional “french fry” look. If you have a fancy slicer, go ahead for the crinkle cut or whatever else you can do. 

Put about 1/3 of the potatoes in the oil for approximately 3 minutes to blanch them. After three minutes, take them out of the oil and place them onto a plate that is covered with a paper towel. Do the same with the next third of the potatoes, and again with the last third. 

 After these have cooled, return them in the same batches to the oil for 6-8 minutes, or until they reach your desired amount of crispiness. Remove from the oil, placing them on a plate covered with a paper towel. Grind sea salt over them, and wait just long enough not to burn your fingers before eating.^  ENJOY!

*We just used basic Canola Oil here to be frugal, but we concede the peanut oil will get you a better taste. Peanut oil is more expensive, so be prepared for that. Also – another pricing note that you’ll see above, this recipe gets a lot more frugal when you keep frying oil around – there is no need to buy more oil for each time you want to fry.

** We have a Fry Daddy and we love it. All there is to do is plug it in. If you have a fryer that allows you to adjust the settings, check your manual. If you are brave enough to be frying on the stove, we’re going to trust that you’ve done this before and know how hot to get your oil.

^ Sweet potato fries are great to dip into ranch, maple syrup, and probably a lot of other things. Have fun!


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