Yellow Oyster Mushroom Basmati Rice

This is a simple recipe for a delicious side dish – the yellow oyster mushrooms give a unique and subtle flavor to what would normally just be delicious aromatic basmati rice… wait- that doesn’t sound too bad, either! The yellow oyster mushrooms have a subtle fruit flavor (almost like watermelon rind!) along with what you would normally expect from a wild mushroom.

We’ve found that oyster mushrooms are amazing – and we’ve found a great place to get them: Dave and Dee’s Homegrown Mushrooms! Their site will give you a lot more information about this great addition to anything you’re cooking. 

The picture below shows this rice with our Orange Pacific Flounder and Sauteed Peppers with Herbs de Provence.


2/3 cup basmati rice                                                                   $0.30

1/2 tablespoon butter                                                                $0.03

Salt and pepper, to taste                                                            $free (ish)

Root ball of one bunch of yellow oyster mushrooms    $0.15

                     Total cost                                                                    $0.48


    Rinse off the rice, and pour it in 1 cup of water.  Cut the root ball in half and add it to the rice. Bring the rice to a boil (or turn on the rice steamer!) until the rice is cooked and the water is gone (approximately 10-15 minutes.)

   Put the rice on a plate and put 1/4 tablespoon of butter over the rice and grind the salt and pepper over the top. ENJOY!

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