Boiled Kale with Turnips and Side Meat


1 pound curly or straight leaf kale                    $1.00

Sea salt                                                                          $free(ish)

1 small turnip                                                             $0.50

2 small strips of side meat, diced                       $0.25

Total Cost                                                                     $1.75 (for 4 healthy servings)


Get a big pot of water boiling on the stove and add some salt as the water boils. Separate the stems from the kale and either A) Discard them or B) put them in the water about 5 minutes before the leaves. (By the way, rinsing the greens beforehand is a good step, especially if they’re from a local farm as they might have some residual dirt on them.)

Peel and dice the turnip. Place the turnip and the side meat in the boiling water a couple of minutes before you add the greens. If you’re using the stems, put them in first, and if not, just go ahead and put the leaves in. Boil for 10-15 minutes, or longer depending on your taste. We took a leaf out at a time to test it.

Drain the greens, leaving in the turnips and side meat. Serve, lightly sprinkled with some more sea salt, and ENJOY!

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