BBT (Bacon Basil and Tomato)

Here BBT doesn’t refer to the only of your bank stocks that hasn’t completely tanked – it’s a delicious sandwich that we made thanks to our focaccia bread and the farmer’s market. 

2 squares of focaccia bread                 $0.50

6 slices of bacon (1/2 pound)             $1.25

Basil leaves                                                 $Free (from your herb garden!)

1 big tomato                                               $1.25

2 tablespoons mayonnaise                  $0.10

Salt                                                                 $Free (ish)

Pepper                                                          $Free (ish)

    Total Cost for Two Sandwiches:     $3.10


Slice each sqaure of focaccia bread through the middle so that you can put the sandwich ingredients in between the top and the  bottom of the bread (the picture helps describe what my words are failing to). Fry up the bacon in a skillet. Slice the tomatoes according to your desired thickness.

Put the mayo, salt, and pepper on the bread. Add tomatoes and bacon, with the basil on top. Put the top of the sandwich on. ENJOY!