Cheese Platter

While this is often the signature of a classy event, a delicious cheese platter doesn’t have to carry a big price tag – just some delicious bread, good cheese, and fresh fruit arranged carefully can go a long way. For a light dinner we would suggest adding Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio as the next course.




1/4 loaf of Uncle John’s Bread, cut into pieces           $0.24

4 ounces double cream brie*                                             $1.00

4 ounces aged dutch gouda*                                              $1.00

Handful of Fresh Strawberries                                           $0.75

Total Price                                                                                  $2.99


Cut the cheese into large bite-sized pieces and cut the strawberries. Arrange it all on a platter, take it outside with a glass of wine, and enjoy a beautiful day! ENJOY!



*Prices (obviously) reflect Trader Joe’s shopping habits.

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