We buy smaller “globe” artichokes at Trader Joe’s so that we can each eat one, but you can buy larger artichokes at any grocery store and share…either way you do it, this is a great appetizer. (It’s good as a side dish, too!)

2 Globe Artichokes               $1.50

1/4 cup Olive Oil                    $0.28

Salt and Pepper to taste      $Free-ish

               TOTAL cost for 2:   $1.78!      


Cut the tips off of the leaves and cut the stem down a bit. Boil the artichokes for 40 minutes. Eat. (To eat: tear off 1 leaf at a time. Dip into bowl of olive oil seasoned with salt and pepper. Use your teeth to remove “meat” from base-end of leaves. Discard rest of leaf.) 


A before/after picture of the trimmed leaves: