Mahi Mahi Mahi Mahi (2 variations on mahi mahi)

Mahi Mahi is one of our favorite fishes, partially because of how fun the name is. In honor of a repeated name, we decided to repeat a fish – and so we’re giving you not one, but TWO ways to fix Mahi Mahi!! 

For a lighter dinner, go for the grilled and marinated version. For something slightly more decadent, opt for the walnut encrusted version with red pepper coulis. 


Walnut Encrusted Mahi Mahi with Red Pepper Coulis



1 big mahi mahi fillet*                                   $3.00

3 tablespoons olive oil                                  $0.30

1/4 cup walnut pieces                                   $0.75

1 clove garlic                                                     $0.10

3 tablespoons bread crumbs                      $0.15

Salt and pepper to taste                                $free (ish)

1/5 recipe of red pepper coulis                 $0.67

Total Cost:                                                          $5.07


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

In a glass pan, coat the fish with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper on both sides. Meanwhile, get your food processor out and pulse the walnuts, garlic, bread crumbs, and some salt and pepper until the walnuts are finely chopped. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and pulse again until the mixture becomes almost paste-like. Spread this paste on top of the fish evenly.  

Bake the fish in the oven for approximately 9-12 minutes, or until it is nice and flaky. Drizzle the sauce over the cooked fish in a way that looks good to you and serve. ENJOY!

*You guessed it, the good prices come from Trader Joe’s!



Pear Marinated and Grilled Mahi Mahi



1 smaller mahi mahi fillet                              $2.00

1/2 recipe vanilla pear vinaigrette           $1.36

Total Cost:                                                           $3.36


Around lunchtime, combine the fish and about 2/3rds of the vanilla pear vinaigrette (of the 1/2 recipe) in a plastic bag and make sure to let the marinade completely surround the fish. Refridgerate all afternoon. 

Heat up the grill, and take the fish out of the fridge as the grill heats up. Put the fish on the grill and cook on both sides approximately 4 minutes on each side. Cook until the fish is nice and flaky. 

Bring the rest of the vinaigrette out of the fridge and get it to at least room temperature. (You may even want to heat it up over low heat.) Drizzle the vinaigrette over the cooked fish and serve. ENJOY!

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