There are many variations on the theme for fondue – it’s a great dinner to play around with to try new things everytime accompanied by old favorites. We love fondue restaurants, but we’ve found a much more frugal way to enjoy fondue goodness any night of the week!


1 chicken breast*                              $1.50

1/2 small pork tenderloin*           $2.00

1/4 pound shrimp*                          $1.50 (small ones are cheaper!)

3 cups chicken broth**                  $0.10

1 cup white wine                               $1.00 (2 buck chuck)

1/4 leek^                                             $0.25

Garlic clove, minced                      $0.10

1 tablespoon olive oil                    $0.08

Fresh Herbs                                       $Free (from your herb garden!)

    (Rosemary, Thyme, & Sage)

TOTAL COST:                                    $6.53

Add veggies:

     Broccoli                                        $1.00

     Mushrooms                                 $0.75

Total Cost with Veggies:             $8.23


    Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces that you can manage with a fondue fork. If broccoli is frozen, thaw it. Wash mushrooms and leave them whole. Chop the leeks like you would a carrot going into a salad (making little discs.) It doesn’t hurt to arrange the meat artistically on a tray.

    In a fondue pot, add the broth, white wine, garlic, leeks, olive oil, and fresh herbs (chopped or un-chopped.) Bring the broth to a boil and let it simmer for a good 5 minutes. 

    Start dipping the meat and veggies – ENJOY!


* Fondue is a great cooking method for marinating meats.

** We’ve found that by far the frugal-est way to go for chicken broth is with bouillon cubes. Obviously, this is not nearly as good as homemade chicken broth, and probably a lot of people would argue that a “Free Range Chicken Broth” is a lot better. We’re being frugal, so 10 cents wins out over 4 dollars. 

^Feel free to replace a chopped leek with onion, chives, green onion, or more garlic. The leek just adds a pleasant and light onion-y flavor.