Chef Charlie

Yay for friends…even when the photographer can’t get a clear picture… this is Charlie (chef) and Virginia (sous chef, dessert chef, and dishwasher extraordinaire). va1

Charlie made Roasted Chicken (and it was awesome). We don’t have the details of his recipe… Charlie – email the 2 frugal foodies!

Charlie also made Asparagus…check out his recipe!


And…. ridiculously creamy (don’t ask how much cream is in them) mashed potatoes…look at this plate!


And finally – this is proof that the 2frugalfoodies were NOT cooking. We were watching, eating, and learning about how to take better pictures of food (bottomline, we need a new camera). Feel free to contact Canon or Nikon and beg them to give us a free one. Please?


2 responses to “Chef Charlie

  1. You two are too cute! I’m looking for inspiration so of course I had to visit your website. I’ll let you know if I make anything yummy!

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