Baked Chocolate Pie

Mom always made this during a special dinner at home and it is unbelievable! Seriously, you should try it tonight (and tomorrow night). (And then again when you have guests over this weekend.) It’s best with some whipped cream and fresh raspberries on top – amazing!  In the picture below, we whipped up some Irish Cream (the fake kind that you put into coffee to make it super sweet – it actually whips even though its not real cream!)


3 egg yolks  (reserve whites in another bowl)      $0.36
1 cup sugar                                                                          $0.30
1 stick butter, softened or melted                              $0.38
1/3 c. flour                                                                           $0.05
2 squares baking chocolate, melted                          $0.40
1 homemade pie shell $0.90

Total price for the pie:                                                      $2.39   holy cow!

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Combine all ingredients except egg whites.  Using either a hand or a stand mixer, whip up the egg whites to a nice fluffy consistency.

After everything else is mixed up, fold in 2 or 3 egg whites. (If you put in 2 it is a little heavier, 3, it’s lighter.) Bake for 30 minutes.  (Mom says sometimes it takes almost 40 minutes.)

You’ll know when it is done by either testing it with a fork or because the top cracks.