Fudge-y Brownies with Coffee Whipped Cream

These are an even more chocolate-y version of the Foodie Brownies, and are a little more fudge-y and a little less cake-y. Try them both out and let us know which ones you prefer! 



2 sticks butter                                             $0.70

2 1/4 cups sugar                                         $0.90

4 eggs                                                              $0.45

1 1/4 cups cocoa                                        $1.50

1 teaspoon salt                                            $free-ish

1 teaspoon baking powder                     $0.02

1 tablespoon vanilla extract                 $0.19

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour                  $0.22

2 cups chocolate chips                             $2.00

Total cost (makes 24 2″ brownies)  = $5.98

Coffee Cream

1/2 cup heavy cream                                $0.85

2-4 tablespoons brewed coffee*          $basically free

1 tablespoon sugar                                     $0.03

10-20 coffee beans to garnish               $basically free

                                            Total cost =        $0.88          

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease a 9″ by 13″ inch pan.

Set a medium sized bowl over a pot of simmering water.  Melt the butter in the bowl then add the sugar and stir to combine. This mixture will become shiny as you stir it. 

In a different bowl, beat the eggs with the cocoa, salt, baking powder, and vanilla. When it is mixed, add it to the hot butter/sugar mixture over the simmering/boiling water.  Stir until the combination is melt-y and incorporated. 

Add the flour and chocolate chips, stirring until smooth. 

Pour the batter into the baking pan and back for about 30-35 minutes. Use a knife or cake tester to check the brownies for doneness. The brownies, when done, should look moist, but not undercooked. 

Remove from oven and let cool while you make the coffee cream. 

In the bowl of a stand mixer, whip the heavy cream, sugar, and (cooled) coffee together until it is light and fluffy (and looks like whipped cream!).

To serve, place a spoonful of cream on each brownie and garnish with whole coffee beans. 

* Add as much coffee as you prefer. 2 tablespoons will make it slightly coffee flavored, while 4 tablespoons will make it super coffee flavored. Add more if you want, or none at all!

4 responses to “Fudge-y Brownies with Coffee Whipped Cream

  1. these look soo good!! Yum!! Love the cost breakdown haha. I will definitely have to give these a try soon! Thanks.

  2. Those brownies look really good! I wish it would only cost me 5.98 to make those, my butter is double that and only if it’s on sale (if I’m lucky) or else it’s almost triple and eggs are doubled too.

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