Trip to Boston

We had a fabulous time in Boston last weekend. We stayed with our friends Molly and Dave, who live in a charming apartment in Cambridge. We did lots of walking, lots of eating, and lots of laughing. Here are some of the highlights:

The “Head of the Charles” regatta happened to be going on nearby, so we popped over and watched some fit crew people row really fast. We also enjoyed watching the extremely preppy crowds, complete with J.Crew and Brooks Brothers models…not really, but seriously, those people are decked out in some preppiness.  Cute toddlers in preppy clothes and big dogs (mastifs, bernese mountain dogs, etc) were the biggest hits of the day.

We explored the adorable Beacon Hill area, and stalked John Kerry, who lives in the house on the right:

From there, we walked to the North End and immediately felt like we’d been transported to Italy. Little Italian men were drinking espresso from tiny cups on benches, a man was singing Ave Maria on a corner, and of course, there were men selling roses to tourists. We stumbled upon a great Salumeria that made Gardner very, very happy. We bought fancy olives, a baguette, and some guanciale (fancy bacon – I expect we’ll be making pasta carbonara again soon!). Here are some pics from the Salumeria:

We also found Mike’s Pastry in the North End – a pastry shop recommended by more than a few friends. They apparently sell the best cannoli in Boston, so we had to check it out:

As you can see in the photo – it’s a popular place. Apparently we got lucky, because usually there’s a line all the way to the corner. We bought two cannoli and a large piece of tiramisu. YUM.

Back in Cambridge, we visited Julia Child’s house (the one with the kitchen that is now in the Smithsonian in DC). It looks like many of the houses in Cambridge – big and New England-y – and was sitting sideways on the street – so the front door is on the side. You can’t go inside…someone lives there!…but it was fun to see where she and Paul lived and to picture their life in Cambridge.

While in Cambridge, we went to the most fabulous store ever: Formaggio Kitchen. I’d actually heard about it through a friend, but never fully imagined its awesomeness until I was standing inside. Get this – the people that work there, as actual “cheese mongers,” get to sell cheese all day…and part of selling it is TASTING it, ALL day, with potential customers. Sounds pretty ideal, right? Here’s a glimpse into the store:

We also enjoyed a wonderful, other-worldly dinner at Craigie on Main. Most of all, though, we enjoyed being with our hosts, Molly and Dave. They make us laugh longer and harder than most people we know. No offense, everyone else. It was really fun to be together and to experience part of their world. (That made me think of Aladdin. Anyone?)

Thanks for a great trip, guys! We love you, and your city, too!

2 responses to “Trip to Boston

  1. so glad you got to go to formaggio kitchen! and so glad you didn’t run into anyone weird while you were there. 🙂


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