Meat Thermometer

We know it’s not the most artistic, old-world, ‘cook by feel’ kind of thing to have in your kitchen, but we’re addicted to using our meat thermometer.

As you’ve probably noticed from our pictures on 2frugalfoodies, we like our red meat rare.  Not medium rare, not kind-of rare, but nice and red and cool in the center.  The meat thermometer is how we make sure we’re not just eating tartare all the time.

This model is a middle of the line version from Polder.   It’ll run you about $30, but well worth it.  You can customize your preferences for each kind of meat.  For example, rare beef to us means 122 degrees.  We then take it off and while it’s resting, it reaches at least 125.

The great thing about being able to customize your temperatures is that you don’t have to go by archaic FDA regulations on temperature-doneness correlations.   If you find that “rare” to you is 127, we won’t be offended- go ahead and set it that way and take it out when it beeps.

The process is simple- select the meat you are cooking, and then select the temperature you want (rare-well done).  Place the probe into the meat before you put it in the oven so that its almost parallel with the pan.   The wire that goes from the probe to the thermometer can be shut into the oven door, so it keeps track while the oven is closed.  Hit the alarm button, and just wait until the right temperature is reached… perfectly cooked steak, every time!

Please get one.  It will make our jobs easier and our blog less confusing.  Now when we say, “cook to your desired temperature,” we won’t have to worry about giving you any further instructions.

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