Fresh Market

Ok Ok… so this isn’t that frugal of a place, but every once and a while, you want something out of the ordinary and this is the place to get it. We love Fresh Market, but you might also have a Whole Foods near you where you can find expensive, fancy, out-of-the-ordinary groceries. 

The one good deal that you might be able to find at the Fresh Market is for whole beef tenderloins, where they will carve them for you and charge the price per pound AFTER carving off all of the fat – great deal! We enjoy doing the butchering ourselves, but if you’re in a hurry or cooking for a ton of people, this is a great way to get quality beef for a lot less than $18 a pound when their tenderloins are on sale. 

Another big plus to Fresh Market: Vegetable Chips. It’s in their bulk foods section – your weight loss program will sincerely regret it when you find them. (Sometimes they have just okra chips by themselves. This is amazingly delicious.)

Last tip for the Fresh Market: dried spices. MUCH MUCH cheaper here than at a normal grocery store and in more manageable quantities than you would find at Sam’s or Costco. This is definitely where we would recommend finding any dried spice that you would need if you want to get them at budget prices and not by the barrel.

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