Farmer’s Market

This is the second time that we’ve written about the Farmer’s Market on our site. Done right, you can get the freshest, best, and most frugal ingredients from the farmer’s market. We’ve learned however, that money can go pretty quickly when one is surrounded by so many delicious looking things.

One thing we are particularly excited about this summer is the return of the roadside produce stand. While the selection is going to be more limited than an entire farmer’s market, the deals (we’re hoping!) will be better and the ingredients will be just as fresh and delicious.


Fresh, local, environmentally-sustainable atmosphere, hard-to-find items, fun way to shop.


Can be more expensive, less selection than a grocery store, impulse buys are almost sure to happen.



  • Tomatoes
  • Wild mushrooms
  • Fresh herbs
  • Goat cheese (more expensive, but really good)
  • Assorted produce

   Nothing really fits the “What You Shouldn’t Buy” section for the Farmer’s Market. Don’t expect to get all your weekly shopping done here unless you want to really shell out for a week’s worth of grain-fed, certified organic, no hormones used ever, dry-aged bison meat for your protein. Otherwise, if it’s a good deal and looks delicious, buy it here!

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