New Camera, Birthday, etc.

Here are some pictures from the last 48 hours…

our tomato plant has decided to grow one last tomato before winter


yesterday we enjoyed a delightful afternoon on the porch...

and I had a birthday margarita!

the pup. he's not so sure about this new camera in his face all the time...

but he's being patient.

on the way to my birthday dinner at Six Burner

this morning's breakfast. yes...welcome to a whole new world of food photography.

the table is set for dinner tonight with Molly and Dave!

Gardner even made a menu! How adorable is he? Can you read what it says?? Those recipes will surely be on the blog soon!

Have a happy day!


5 responses to “New Camera, Birthday, etc.

  1. We so loved every single one of the pictures! We’d love to see the other 140–Wow! We’re still thinking about our favorite birthday girl and sending love to you both! Can’t wait to hear about the wedding–

  2. Yay! So fun! Love the photos and dinner. Looks like so much fun. Love you both and wish I could be there!!

  3. Happy belated birthday Mary Catherine! I loved all your pictures and the dinner menu. Yum!
    And Chance looks fantastic!

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