Pictures of You.

Thank you so much for sending us pictures – keep them coming, and keep up the good cooking!


Ginny made a Mint Chocolate Cheescake - YUM!

Merab made an avacado, mozzarella and tomato salad with fresh basil, black olives and a homemade mustard vinegarette - looks DE-lish!

Molly (and Dave!) made pizza with 2frugalfoodies crust!

Pork Rilletes from Farmers Market at Perry and Dan's House - Amazing!

Dan's Beef Heart - Before Cooking

Dan's Delicious Beef Heart - After Cooking (over potatoes w/ gravy!)

John turned 27! Happy Birthday, John!

Perry made Paula Dean's Red Velvet Cupcakes - delicious!

Merab made Jaimie Oliver's Fennel and Creme Fraiche mussels...YUM.

Ginny making her famous wheat pizza crust!

Charlie made beef tenderloin!

Charlie's crispy brussel sprouts with bacon and white wine vinegar...looks good!

Alex made Shrimp and Grits (with Scallops, too!) on Jan. 2, 2010...what'd you make?

Ron and Mary made Savory Palmiers for their holiday party!!! They look SO great!

Ron and Mary made Savory Palmiers for their holiday party!! They look great!

Kate made a delicious pumpkin dessert for Thanksgiving...yum!

Kate's pumpkin dessert, ready to eat!

Caroline made Cake Pops (!!!) for Halloween. She says these are inspired by Bakerella, a famous blogger. Good work, Caroline!


Virginia made me Barefoot Contessa goodies for my birthday!!! And they are GOOD. Thanks, Virginia!


Ron and Mary made this "Harvest Dinner" - full of sausages, stewed grapes, chestnut-mashed potatoes, and asparagus - YUM! The idea came from a book entitled "A Thousand Days in Tuscany."


Anne and Greg (and Ron and Mary, too) made some pizzas the other night. Though we understand that some unique challenges arose during the course of cooking, we did get some glowing reviews from a newcomer to 2frugalfoodies. Greg says, "This was the easiest and best pizza I ever made!"


Ginny went to Acqua al 2 in Florence, Italy and we get to see these awesome pictures. We asked her if she would just make us a doggy bag of blueberry steak, but it might go bad in 3.5 months...Enjoy your time abroad, Ginny!


More Acqua al Due


Acqua al 2


Ginny enjoying Acqua al 2

——                       ——-                                ——-

Ok – so this isn’t a picture, but it sounds delicious. It’s still summertime and there’s plently of time to get your ice cream maker out for a new ice cream recipe. ENJOY! (Thank you Susan!)

1 pint grape juice

3 1/2 cups sugar

juice of 3 lemons or 1/4 cup juice

1pint whipping cream(whipped)

1 can pineapple crushed

milk to make a gallon

Mix sugar, grape juice, lemon juice, and pineapple. Add whipped cream to mixture. Add milk, then freeze in ice cream freezer until it reaches the desired consistency.

—–                       ——                         ——


Ron and Mary (featured below with oranges and steaks...) recently took a trip to New Orleans in their kitchen. These are shrimp stuffed eggplants with red peppers and tomatoes and we want some! Stay posted for more information about this dish and maybe even the recipe!


John, of the Mussels in White Wine Sauce fame, has stayed busy in the kitchen. He just sent us a great looking picture of dinner the other night.


Alex tried the Pacific Flounder recipe, but added shrimp, onions, and red peppers to the pan before baking - WOW! We are so happy to have such clever, gourmet readers.


Mary cutting the oranges for the Olive Oil cake - looking good!


Rons questioning the need to cook the steaks. Can we just eat them now?


Gingers Herb Garden - looks great! Keep adding to it!


Peggy making a birthday cake!


Ginger making her famous icing!


Kate apparently LOVES broccoli. We will post a broccoli recipe for you to try soon!


Sandy's cooking! Whats for dinner?


Kate in France - the picture is kind of we arent sure what youre eating, but the plate looks beautiful!


Alex making a ceasar salad! Yum!


Merab making 2frugalfoodies pizza! Looks good - looks like she added pepperoni - good tip!

One response to “Pictures of You.

  1. So when are you gonna post the recipe for that amazing brie with the honey croissant-like shell that we had at Mary’s wedding? I want it. And if you post it, I’ll take a picture of me making it so you can put it on your site. And I’m not making fun…I think this is great. And you guys say really funny stuff. I love you. Move close so we can hang out all the time, ok? Great!!

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