About You

This page is about You. 

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We appreciate you taking the time to read our blog, make comments, and come back and visit us again to see our progress and new recipes. If we only wanted to see this ourselves, we would just write in a diary. So, it’s only fair that you get a piece of the site for yourself!

As you may have noticed on our Cooking Philosophy page, we think that cooking is never a set, measured process like a chemistry experiment.  In all of our recipes, we encourage you to build off of what we have done and get creative on your own.

We decided to create this page because we want to know what you’re doing!! Please send us pictures of your creations using our recipes, or, if you’ve done a variation of your own, let us know how you did it differently! If you send in your tips about our recipes, we will link them to the recipes on the site so that others can get the benefit of your creativity as well. 

Have fun – get cooking! And send us those pictures and recipe variations… 



Click HERE to see pictures of YOU.

6 responses to “About You

  1. Loved all the eggplant recipes and pictures and the commentary! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful style with us!! Ymmmm!

  2. Any good portobello mushroom recipes, stuffed or grilled or baked? I’ve been craving these lately but don’t really know what to do with them. (You can ask Em. I attempted some over Thanksgiving, but they weren’t particularly exciting. I just put some salad dressing on them as marinade and baked them.)

  3. Nobody told me you guys had a website!! This is great:) You should add Granny’s recipe for red-rice and ham and Uncle John’s bread!

  4. I thought you would want to know that your post “Milk Cake” was one of the two most popular posts of the day on FoodBlogs.com and made our Facebook Fan Page.

    FoodBlogs.com aggregates food blogs from around the world. We only display the first few lines of blog posts, so our visitors must click through to your blog if they want to read your posts.

    You can check it out at http://www.FoodBlogs.com. Feel free to register – it’s completely free.

    Thanks (and congratulations on being the most popular post today!)


    Lance Raab, Founder

    p.s. Our Facebook Page is http://www.facebook.com/FoodBlogs

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