Cooking Philosophy

You may have noticed in our “About Us” section that we didn’t mention any culinary degrees, cooking classes, or other qualifications. That’s because we don’t have any.

We love to cook. After a stressful day, cooking becomes a creative outlet that eases away any stress and makes us happy – especially when we’re eating the latest creation! Going one step further with our food enthusiasm, we decided to share it on this blog.

We never follow a recipe exactly as it is written. If you are used to doing exactly what a recipe tells you, try to break out of that habit with this site. If Tom Colicchio or Anthony Bourdain tell you to cook something a certain way, follow their recipes exactly and it will be delicious. We don’t have the cooking qualifications to clean Tom Colicchio’s knives.

That said, our recipes are a step-by-step of what we did when we found a dish we particularly enjoy. You should feel free to experiment and adapt the recipes that we have posted to what sounds good to you. Use this site as an inspiration, or as a foundation for creating twists of your own. We’re very honored if you do follow our recipes exactly, but we won’t be held liable if it didn’t come out as well as if Irma Rombauer had written the instructions.

3 responses to “Cooking Philosophy

  1. Great Philosophy. I read cookbooks for fun in fact I have an enormous collection yet I rarely follow a recipe. John and I develop our recipes as we cook and then post to our blog. It is fun and great time spent together.

  2. Love your philosophy! I have a similar approach to cooking, and frequently just make up the recipe as I go along. Most of us are trying to find ways to be more frugal in our lives, and the food budget usually has the most give. Please check out my new blog site (I’m new to blogging). I would be happy to hear your suggestions.
    Alberta Hill

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