Time Flies

It’s been a while, but better late than never to stop back in to 2frugalfoodies.  

A few things have changed in the last 13 months. Most exciting, of course, is this little fellow, who just turned 8 months old yesterday and is just about the best little person you could hope to meet (we’re slightly biased):



On a food front, things have changed, too. A very quick catch-up on a few items:

  • We eat in a lot more than we used to pre-parenthood. It’s like being back in law school, and when we have sufficient sleep, it’s a ton of fun to pour extra energy into the kitchen.
  • People seem to care about our pear jelly. 450 views in the last week alone. It’s an old-fashioned recipe for a runnier jelly, and many people don’t like that, which is ok. The great thing is seeing interested readers add-on their tips in the comment section. Check it out, and listen to those good people (maybe more than the original content!)
  • We almost never shop at Trader Joe’s anymore (unless buying their pre-made ghee/clarified butter, which is genius). Multiple reasons, but primary among them is the superiority of our neighborhood farmer’s market, and one of our favorite places in the world: The Dekalb Farmers Market.  
  • We own a smoker now. It’s a whole new world of cooking possibilities and challenges. Dinner guests occasionally get awesome smoked meats, but sometimes get charred briquettes, vaguely reminiscent of the meat that I promise they actually are.

A few things are the same, too. While those are too many to list, there’s the furry fellow, who we still believe is just about the best big, fuzzy, tail-wagging guy you could hope to meet (again, biased):


Seasonal changes are always inspiring and somewhat sentimental for us when we talk about food. As summer ebbs and fall begins in earnest, we are pining for tomatoes and excited about apples. Yesterday morning, we walked up to the farmer’s market for some summer tomatoes, and quickly realized that the effort would be futile. No yellow squash, not a ton of okra, and literally 0 red, ripe, juices-run-down-your-chin summer tomatoes. Today, to drown our sorrows, we made a cocktail with apple cider, brandy, and spiced pear liquor. Rough life. 

In the past, we’ve posted ‘Goodbye Summer’ or ‘Hello Fall’ meals, but tonight we’re somewhat in between. Our appetizer of tomatoes and avocados was decidedly summer:

photo 2

The recipe on that one is absurdly simple. Dice some fresh summer tomatoes, and stack them within a ring mold. Sprinkle salt, and then pile some diced avocado on top. More salt, and some freshly cracked pepper. Follow with a drizzle of olive oil, and serve.  

The next course was also fairly simple, but with a few more components.  It’s mostly not summer, but not quite fall, either:

photo 4

Beets:  Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.  Wrap 2 golden beets in foil individually, with a couple of tablespoons of water.  Roast in foil for about an hour.  Let cool, peel, and slice horizontally/like a hamburger.

Ginger Dijon Vinaigrette:  Put 1 tsp each of dijon mustard, honey, ginger puree, and rice vinegar in a bowl.  Whisk in 1/4 cup of olive oil, until emulsified.  (start slow, whisking consistently, and then add more as you go).

Scallops:  Put 3 tablespoons of clarified butter on a stainless steel skillet over medium-high, and heat until it just starts to smoke.  Add scallops, searing for 2-3 minutes on each size, depending on scallop size.  

Bring it together:  Arrange beets on a plate, and garnish with fresh mint and blueberries.  Add scallops on top.  Spoon vinaigrette over, serve, and enjoy!

We hope this post isn’t a fluke, but it might be.  We promise at some point, some time in the future, we’ll stop in again.  In the meantime, it makes us happy that this history is online, and that people continue to visit.  Feel free to comment or email anytime and we’ll do our best to get back to you in a relatively timely manner.  (give or take 13 months…)

Happy fall!  

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