1 Year in our House!


As promised, here’s a quick overview of last night’s house anniversary dinner.  We didn’t quite get to the dessert, but there’s always time for good brownies and ice cream, so I’m sure we’ll eat those this weekend!

For the first course, we made parmesan crisps, using this recipe.  With a little cracked pepper and ground chipotle pepper, it gave them a needed kick.  The tomato ‘tartare’ was 1.5 diced tomatoes, drained of their liquid, and then combined with freshly chopped basil, 1 t lemon juice and 1 T evoo.


Following the parmesan crisps, we had a nice bowl of broccoli and celery soup.  Not your typical 4th of July fare, but when it’s 72 degrees and gloomy outside, it seems perfect.  We’re going to remember this one for winter.

We found the recipe on the NY Times’ Recipes for Health page, which is an incredible resource.  “Healthy eating” to me generally translates into boring, flavorless, unsatisfying food.  Not so with this resource.  It’s a great go-to for delicious food that also happens to be quite healthy.  The Pureed Broccoli and Celery soup is a prime example.


The third course, a summer squash flatbread, was inspired by our good friends Jim & Courtney.  They not only make their own ricotta, but also have incredible skills with a pizza stone.  Our recipe was loosely based off of this one from Whole Foods, but the formulation is really simple.  Pizza dough (a thinner-crust version is best for these), ricotta, olive oil, & summer squash and zucchini.  Simple and delicious!


Before moving on the main course, we would be remiss to omit a mention of Courtney’s other talent – ceramics.  We can’t promise that she’ll throw in a free ricotta pizza, but you should definitely check out her work at Honeycomb Studios.  We would tell you which pieces are our favorites, but we can’t decide.

Ok – now that you’ve purchased a few amazing ceramic items, ready to hear about the main course?

The pork, apple and brussel sprout dish was a new take on some familiar flavor profiles that go together really well.  For the apples, we baked them with candied ginger and sprinkled with a bit of sugar and Chinese Five Spice.  The brussel sprouts were sauteed with shallots and olive oil, and then deglazed with apple/grape juice to sweeten them up a bit (in hindsight, we would’ve added a bit less of the juice).  The pork was seared with a thick seasoning of coriander, and then we made a pan sauce using bourbon & mandarin juice.  Put it all together, and you’ve got a great finale to a fun dinner:


Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!

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