Porky Pork Pork Dinner to Celebrate Christmas

Every year before we head home to see our  families for Christmas, we always take time to make a nicer dinner just for us.  We open a nice bottle of wine, take time to slow down the pace during an otherwise crazy season, and enjoy being together.  We gave Chance a new collar and a raw-hide and sat in front of our tree and reflected on what a good year its been.  And we ate pork. LOTS of pork.

We started with rillettes and a fantastic mushroom brie:


If you haven’t made rillettes yet, by the way – go for it!  Just find a Saturday afternoon when you were planning on being at home anyway and fill your house with the delectable smells of pork and herbs.  Our recipe, taken straight from Bourdain, is here.

Then, for our main course, we had pork tenderloin over roasted apples with brussel sprout hash and roasted cauliflower + bacon crumbles.  The dry rub on the tenderloin was brown sugar (1 T), salt (1 t), coriander (1/2 t), chipotle pepper (1/4 t) and some white pepper thrown in for good measure.  We seared it first, which was smoky ordeal with the quickly caramelizing sugar-based rub, and then transferred to a different pan to roast to a nice medium-rare.  With the little bit of drippings from that second pan, we deglazed with brandy and finished with an apple cider reduction poured over the pork.  The baked apples have coriander, brown sugar, and butter.






We hope everyone has a great holiday season – eat good food, drink well and be with the people that mean the most.  And when you eat good food – tell us about it!

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