Thanksgiving Food!

In years past, we’ve posted about Thanksgiving a few days after, which just isn’t helpful.  It’s a key problem with the blogging platform (and just life in general) – we find it pretty hard to write about our cooking/eating experiences before they happen.

But now we have a critical mass of recipes at 2frugalfoodies, and we can at least share some of the past years’ hits to help you think about your thanksgiving menu.  Here are some links to previous 2ff recipes:

Speaking of turkeys, have you seen the NYTimes Dining Page’s turkey recipe they released this year?  It’s from Jacques Pepin (so automatic legitimacy points), and it involves a shorter cooking time, and steaming!  We’ll probably stick with the tried and true (brine + roast) this year, but if you try the NYTimes approach – let us know how it goes!

Here’s the link to that article:

And one last Thanksgiving tidbit – just found this last minute wine buying guide from the Times if you’re still looking for what to serve with the bird on Thursday.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!  We’ll be sure to check back in later in the week with updates.

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