New Look & New Ideas

posted by Gardner


Hello out there!

You may have noticed our brief sabbatical from blog writing over the past couple of months.  Sure – life has been busy.  We have amazing friends and family who we’ve been visiting and celebrating life with.  We have great jobs that keep us busy, engaged and challenged.  We have a lot of fun together even when we’re not so busy – so it’s hard to sit down and blog sometimes.

Busyness is one excuse, but the truth is, the blog was beginning to get stale for us.  As fun as it is to share recipes, it’s really difficult to come up with a description and fun things to say about everysingle thing we cook.  We always said that when the blog became a chore, we would stop doing it, and so we took some time out.

In the meantime, we’ve still been cooking (and eating) up a storm.  We’re getting new ideas and still learning as much as we can about the world of food.  We want to share those new ideas, new recipes and interact with you here, and so we’re back.  We’ve changed some things up – you’ll notice the new layout immediately.  But we’re also going to change how we post, and to an extent, what we talk about. We’ll be sharing more links to recipes instead of our own variations on them, we’ll be sharing articles and quotes from the food world, and we’ll be trying to engage our audience more.

We hope you enjoy the new direction and continue to come back often to 2frugalfoodies.  All the old content will always be here – you can find the old recipes and posts through the search function or the ‘Food’ and ‘Drink’ tabs up top. We’ll all just keep cooking, eating and having fun together.

Bon appetit!

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