Fish sandwiches to ease the pain of leaving the Abacos…

All last week, from Saturday to Saturday, we were on vacation to Elbow Cay, in the Abaco Islands (part of the Bahamas):

For three of the days, we had a boat:

And we stayed in a cottage at Firefly (yes, the same folks that bring you delicious Sweet Tea vodka):

It was an incredible week.  We were with our great friends from law school, Perry & Dan, who were excellent island guides and great traveling companions.  They had been to the Abaco islands several times before, and knew of the hot spots and the hidden gems.  We sampled some great rum punches (including one that featured java rum, which was delicious), got some great fish that we cooked at home, and even indulged a guilty pleasure of Doritos and Cheetos despite their hefty island price tag of $7.

We weren’t allowed to take the boat out past sun-down, but we did a good bit of exploring during the day.  When we ate out at a restaurant, it was for lunch.  The order was simple, “Fish sandwich, please”   Everywhere we went had their own take on it, and it was always delicious.  Occasionally, we would mix it up and order cracked conch instead of fish, but really, not much of a variation there.

When we got home this weekend, we quickly missed our island lifestyle, great friends, and fresh, simple, Bahamiam cuisine.  So, for dinner last night, we decided to make some fish sandwiches of our own.  With good lettuce and tomatoes, fresh baked bread, gobs of homemade tartar sauce, and fresh (but not as fresh as on Elbow Cay, of course) fish, we briefly transported ourselves back to the island paradise we had so quickly become accustomed to…

Recipe: Fish Sandwich

One response to “Fish sandwiches to ease the pain of leaving the Abacos…

  1. What a great vacation! I had two delicious fish tacos at Bad Dog Tacqueria tonight! Miss you!

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