Happy Summer!

posted by Gardner

Yesterday afternoon, I got home from work, took a long walk with Chance, and sat on the screened-in porch.  With a good glass of bourbon in one hand and the Steve Jobs biography in the other, I took in the lush green and bright blooms all around.  Yesterday was a particularly good time to be in Atlanta, with some of the early spring heat relenting to mild, low 70s perfection.

One of our joys with food is the seasonal aspect, and that’s why you frequently see us posting a change-of-pace menu item to welcome new seasons on 2frugalfoodies.  We didn’t really get a chance to post much in Spring, but hopefully this bright, cheerful, light and refreshing fish preparation can bridge the gap between Spring and Summer.  The flavors go really well together, and the effect on the plate is really beautiful with contrasting green and orange.

The best of the peaches still haven’t come in yet, but maybe you could cheat and make this a little early.  To be fair, we actually made this last summer, but we’re excited to post it here in anticipation of more good things to come!

Recipe:  Pan Roasted Cod with Peach and Mint Puree

One response to “Happy Summer!

  1. Looks good. I agree about the fresh seasonal things that we can look forward to. We have some fresh basil just (not as strict on the seasonal part) just about ready to be added to some marinara. But your use of mint reminded me that we wanted to plant some of that this year too! Maybe next year… and pair them with some peaches. 🙂

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