Eric Ripert’s Fried Rice and Curried Snapper

posted by Gardner

When you think of Eric Ripert, chef of Le Bernardin in NYC, host of Avec Eric and friend to Anthony Bourdain, fried rice probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  Another thing that probably doesn’t come to mind is frugality.  A look at the website listed above shows the chef’s tasting menu at Le Bernardin to run $330 per person with wine pairings.  Granted, the menu looks ridiculously good, but that’s not the kind of food/prices that we can get away with on a website called 2frugalfoodies.

For the home chef, however, Ripert has some incredible recipes and ideas.  He can take known go-to favorites, turn them on their head, and make you like it even more.  Such is the case with the recipe we cooked last Friday that we found on his Avec Eric website.  The fried rice is loaded with unexpected, but subtle goodies – banana, apple and almonds compliment the spice and tropical flavors of the fish.  Follow his directions to cook the fish perfectly (this is something you would expect associated with Eric Ripert!).  Put it all together and you’ve got a gourmet, delicious, somewhat-frugal, somewhat healthy Friday night dinner.

Recipe: Eric Ripert’s Coconut Curry Snapper and Fried Rice

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