Extended Vacation

posted by Mary Katherine

We did it… and then we took a 10 day vacation from blogging. We’re sorry that after we completed what seemed like a monumental feat (blogging everyday for 29 days), we’ve taken quite a break! We’ve been on a 10 day relaxation course… this weekend, we’re in Montreat, NC (with our pup, of course), and have enjoyed being relaxed and removed from the stresses of work.

Chance got a little stressed when this gigantic swan chased him around Lake Susan, but that’s been our only worry in the past 24 hours, and it’s been luxurious.

she was huge, and curious.

Tonight we’re having red wine, delmonico steak, brussel sprouts, and mushrooms… but we’re not posting any of that here yet… instead, we’re posting a cocktail I had last week that involves champagne and bourbon… it’s the non-girliest girly drink I’ve had in a while, and I think you’ll like it, too.

Recipe: Seelbach Cocktail

We hope you’re having a lovely weekend and that the coming week will be sunny, easy and worry-free. If it isn’t, visit our Drink tab for assistance.

PS – We’ve gotten some constructive criticism about the blog – that it would be helpful to know exactly which one of us is talking to you – so until we figure out a more subtle way to do it, we’re just going to start each post with our name.

One response to “Extended Vacation

  1. I always thought it was kind of fun to guess who’s point of view we were getting. no changes needed for me. keep it up.

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