You didn’t even know what we were trying to do – post every single day in February – but now you can celebrate with us, because we did it!!

We challenged ourselves to post every day because we are usually very sporadic bloggers. We were curious what would happen if we succeeded – would the number of visitors to our blog increase? Would we get more comments or more subscribers to our blog?

One thing’s for sure: we had more views on our blog in February 2012 than any other month since the blog was created in March 2009.

To celebrate, here’s some Foie Gras:

We couldn’t exactly add the recipe for this to our 2frugalfoodies repertoire, but we can at least share some celebratory food pictures.  (By the way: take 2 1/2 inch slices of foie gras, score them, season with salt and pepper, and sear 1.5 mins per side.  Top with diced apples, sauteed in butter and finished with cinnamon and ginger ale.)

Now that we haven’t shared any absurdly expensive food recipes, we hope you’ve had a great February, a great leap day, and that your Spring is fantastic.  We promise to post again soon, though it may not be every day!


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