Ultimate Black & Ginger

Gardner’s go-to drink is a glass of scotch on the rocks. I’ve long been searching for a lady-like version of this simple drink, and I’m certainly not hardcore enough to drink scotch by itself. I like the taste of scotch, I just can’t stomach full sips of it yet.

As it turns out, when you combine it with Domaine de Canton (the ginger-flavored liquor we keep talking about), it softens the bite of the scotch just enough for me to not only sip scotch, but enjoy it. Each time I make this cocktail, I do a little less Domaine de Canton and a little more scotch…maybe one day we’ll come home after a long day and each pour ourselves a glass of scotch on the rocks…but until then, this tastes delightful.

Recipe: Ultimate Black & Ginger

P.S. – We bought two of these cute glasses at a thrift store for $1.50 each this weekend! Like them?

One response to “Ultimate Black & Ginger

  1. I like the glasses and I also think I might like to try that ginger stuff. Isn’t”t it wonderful that there is always something new to try–

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