Fernet Strikes Again

We’ve mentioned our enjoyment of Fernet before on this blog.  It’s incredibly bitter, but incredibly delicious, and it’s a great illustration of how a great cocktail works.  It’s an ingredient that I enjoy (only occasionally) on the rocks, but an ingredient that makes Mary Katherine, and most reasonable people, recoil.  Mixed in a cocktail, however, it can become that much-needed depth of flavor that creates perfection.

Some may say that Fernet is too trendy, too hipster-y, or that it’s time has passed.  But I stand resolute in enjoying something that tastes good.  Just because a food trend informs me about a great product, I don’t have to be ashamed about liking it because its part of that trend.  In fact, we’ll perpetuate the trend, and encourage you to join us!

This particular cocktail is a great use of Fernet with an unexpected ingredient: tequila.  Tequila is one of our favorite spirits, but usually it’s only paired with tropical or citrus fruits.  As much as we like a good margarita, it’s really fun to take tequila out of its usual comfort-range of flavors and pair it with this bitter Italian liquor.  Thanks to Mac and Jeff for passing along the recipe!

Recipe: Jalisco FC Cocktail

By the way, take a few minutes to watch this.  You gotta love Billy Cosby, especially when he’s talking about Fernet.

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