Bacon-Infused Bourbon

Our introduction to great cocktails started with the best of the best.  Last fall, we were in New York, where Mary Katherine was for a work conference, and where I spent the week exploring (and eating!).  One night, we met up with Mary Katherine’s cousin Patrick and his husband Jason, who had some great ideas for eating and drinking.  Before going to an authentic Maine lobster roll place, they told us we should go and get some of the best drinks in the city.

We had the address, and knew that it was supposed to be a ‘Speakeasy’ type place, but nothing could prepare us for what we encountered.  At the address, we found a hot dog restaurant.  It was brightly lit, and while it looked like there were some great dogs there, it wasn’t the kind of place where you want to settle down with a nice cocktail.  Patrick and Jason got there, Patrick walked into a phone booth in the corner, picked up the receiver, said something, and the back door of the phone booth opened.  On the other side was the COOLEST bar I’ve ever seen.

Looking over the drink menu, it didn’t take me long to decide what to order: an old-fashioned with bacon-infused bourbon.  Insanely good – just a perfect note of salty, sweet pork accompanying the perfect balance of a well made classic old-fashioned. We were all incredibly happy with what we ordered, but each had to try at least one more before heading along to dinner.

Words can’t quite transport you to that bar, (named PDT, by the way), but maybe a few recipes can.  We definitely recommend buying the cocktail book from the chief bartender at PDT:  Jim Meehan’s The PDT Cocktail Book.  Even if you don’t go out and buy the book right now, we’re providing a teaser recipe that we found online before the book came out.  It’s the building block of mixology genius – bacon bourbon!

Bacon Infused Bourbon and Ginger!

Recipe: Bacon-Infused Bourbon

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