Bacon Meatballs

Just a few weeks ago, we were proposing a toast to eating healthier.  Now that it’s February, we’re posting things like Teres Major and now, Bacon meatballs.  What gives with just a few weeks?

The good news is that we do have a little more self restraint than the blog actually portrays.  This is actually a dish that we cooked back in the fall, that we have yet to get around to posting.  We’ve done fairly well with our New Years’ goals (NOT resolutions), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t pass along some awesome recipes to our readers.

This is a recipe that highlights the incredible possibilities of owning one’s own meat grinder.  The steps of this recipe are very simple: (1) take delicious meat, (2) grind it together (3) package it in a consumable form (4) eat and enjoy.  We love hanger steak.  We love high-quality bacon.  With a few additions and minimal seasoning, this is a recipe for success.  You probably have one in your mind right now.  (Ie – pork shoulder and country sausage; or, sirloin and pancetta, or bottom round roast, short ribs, and guenciale, or………)

We could continue discussing these meatballs, but we’d rather go out and buy meat.  And grind it.  And forget about any sort of non-resolutions we may, or may not, have published…

Recipe: Hanger Steak and Bacon Meatballs

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