Updated Fondue

We were craving something fun and out of the ordinary for dinner recently, so we whipped out the ol’ Fondue pot, looked up our Fondue recipe on the blog, and then GASPED. We’ve come a looong way. Look at this awful and boring first Fondue post from 2009 for broth based fondue. Clearly, it needs updating. The recipe was solid, but the pictures embarrass me to no end. We put that on a blog – a PUBLIC webpage for anyone and everyone to see. Whew. No wonder we never made it big.

Don’t get me wrong – every now and then it’s fun to look back at our old posts, where we mention parts of our life that now seem to have happened ages ago, remembering what life was like in each month of our marriage. Time certainly adds perspective… but in this case, thankfully, time added a few camera skills… so, here’s to better photos and a new recipe for a good, fun meal: Fondue.

Recipe: Asian-Inspired Fondue

Oh, PS: Happy Super Bowl watching! Feel free to share any go-to Super Bowl recipes in the comments!

One response to “Updated Fondue

  1. Ha! We did fondue for the first time in about 4 years on New Years Eve. While the prep didn’t seem to take as long (we’re better cooks today), we did have some mishaps. We started with a cheese fondue, but started heating the dish without any cheese in it yet (don’t do that, it cracks). Then we had to wait for the coq au vin to heat in the pot (which took an hour). Next time, we’ll get it boiling and then transfer over. By the time we got to the fondue-ing, we weren’t really as interested in it.

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