Grapefruit Juice – Not for Breakfast

As we mentioned yesterday, we’ve spent the last month eating LOTS of delicious grapefruits.  When you get the awesome box full of them for Christmas, you start thinking beyond a glass of juice or a healthy morning meal.  If you’re us, you also start thinking back to a delicious concoction you tried at Abattoir, one of our favorite restaurants.

Solely given Mary Katherine’s direction of “I like bourbon-based cocktails,” the bartender whipped up one of our new go-to favorites, and one that we heartily recommend to you.  The result is the Brown Derby – a delicious blend of grapefruit juice, bourbon, and a mild sweetener.  We’ve tinkered with the recipe over the past few weeks, and we’ve decided on the proportions that we like the  best.

While it’s not recommended for breakfast, here’s a way to get all of the health benefits of grapefruit in a relaxing, well-deserved-end-of-the-day-treat form.

Recipe: Brown Derby Cocktail


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