Grapefruit Chess Pie

Who loves grapefruit? WE do. You may remember our grapefruit posts from last year. For the second year in a row my uncle David and aunt Becky sent us a lovely box of individually wrapped Texas red grapefruits! They arrived about a week before Christmas, and we’ve been enjoying them ever since…We ate our last one this morning, February 1…talk about longevity!

Last year, we made a Boozy Rouge cocktail, a Grapefruit and Avocado Salad with Curry Vinaigrette, and a Grapefruit Cake, among other things, and this year we made a new cocktail (coming soon) and a new dessert: Grapefruit Chess Pie.

We’re familiar with Lemon Chess Pie and Chocolate Chess Pie (which we love) but this new pie might be our favorite. It had a little less tang than its lemon counterpart, and had just the right amount of sweetness, too. We’ll definitely make this again…and I doubt we’ll wait until next Christmas… we may not even wait until Easter!

Recipe: Grapefruit Chess Pie

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