Dark and Stormy – A Toast to Summer Plans!

We know its January.  It’s probably cold outside wherever you are, and a crisp, refreshing drink made with Dark Rum isn’t exactly seasonal right now.  It’s ok if you’re sipping on something whisky-based in front of the fire as you read along; that’s probably more appropriate than this recipe.

However, there are several cases when a typical summer drink might fit January just fine:

1. The temperatures are confusing you.  It’s almost 70 degrees… is it really winter?

2. Even though it’s not that cold, you’re pining for summer.  Re-create summer in a glass.

3.You just booked a summer trip that will land you on Elbow Cay in the Abaco islands for a week.  In a place like this:

All three apply to us, so we decided to toast to good friends and plans for good times ahead.  To create the above scene in a cocktail glass, we suggest you join us in disregarding cocktail seasonality norms and make a Dark and Stormy:

Recipe: Dark and Stormy



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