Spinach Soufflé a la Julia Child

If the contents of this box look anything like the spinach soufflé in your life, today’s recipe is going to change.your.life.

OK, that was dramatic. It probably won’t change your life…

Stouffer’s actually makes a pretty tasty soufflé (I’ve had it), but eating Stouffer’s Spinach Soufflé doesn’t communicate what makes a soufflé a soufflé. I did some heavy duty scholarly research on Wikipedia and discovered that the word soufflé is “the past participle of the French verb souffler which means “to blow up” or more loosely “puff up.'”

That Stouffer’s soufflé doesn’t look very puffy to me. But you know what does look puffy? THIS:

As it turns out, if you take the time to make a homemade soufflé, carefully and slowly folding egg whites and spinach together with other ingredients, you’ll have a pretty good understanding of why Julia Child loved France as much as she did. And if you make a proper soufflé, you may find yourself saying SOUFFLÉ in a french accent and vowing to live in France one day… we did.

Recipe: Spinach Souffle

2 responses to “Spinach Soufflé a la Julia Child

  1. Thought I had all the correct ingredients, but alas, no, I didn’t! Was missing Gruyere cheese, of all things!! Substituted with Jalsberg which was OK, but not great. However, I used grated parmesan on the bottom of the dish, on top of butter, and it made a wonderful crust! Can’t wait to do the souffle again with Gruyere and parmesan!

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