Warming Winter Soup

Except for a few scattered days, we haven’t had much need for a warming soup here in Atlanta.  Mid-day, a big glass of iced tea seems like a more appropriate choice with temperatures getting up to the mid 60’s and sometimes even low 70’s.  We were loving the mild temperatures, thinking the move further southward had gotten us warmer winters than we expected.  But, then we found out from locals that this is unusually mild, and that the cold could come any day, or next year.  Global weirding continues…

So, today’s recipe actually comes from the 2frugalfoodies archive.  We made this soup last winter, but never got around to posting it on the blog.  It’s a great, simple soup, and it’s a fantastic comfort food for January, especially if January is cold where you are.  We included shrimp as a garnish (an idea we got from an old Williams and Sonoma Italian cookbook), and the added protein makes this soup a meal of its own instead of just a starter course. We’ve got our sites set on this recipe for when the cold does finally descend!

Recipe: Butternut Squash Soup with Shrimp Garnish

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