A Toast to Eating Less Toast

Like the rest of the world, January has us re-thinking some of our eating.  It’s inevitable after the holidays to need to put the brakes on overeating delicious foods.  But it’s also terribly depressing to go from rich, hearty, satisfying holiday fare to spinach salads and whole grains.  Usually the transition leaves us bored, hungry and grumpy, and within a couple of weeks we just forget that we had even resolved to do better.

So, this year, we’re resolving not to resolve on the food and diet front.  Instead, we plan to make purposeful, small adjustments throughout the week to be slightly healthier throughout 2012.  We plan to eat tons of vegetables, lots of lean protein (mainly seafood and legumes) and cut out unnecessary fatty foods when possible or desirable.  With these small adjustments, we can be healthier without feeling the pinch.  That’s the plan, anyway, and we hope you enjoy some of the new recipes we post this month.

In the meantime, here are two recipes for a new favorite cocktail: the Negroni.  We first read about it in Speakeasy, the cocktail book from New York’s Employees Only bar.  It’s got that great, bitter Italian flavor from Campari, balanced by gin and sweet vermouth.  If you haven’t tried this classic cocktail – we definitely recommend it.

We also recommend a new twist – a Negroni with egg white (the recipe is also posted on the page linked to below).  This is an idea from the Eatocracy blog and you can find their original post here.

Recipes: 2 Negronis

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