Beet It

We love beets. I can’t remember the first time we roasted them, but I’m pretty sure it was a Thomas Keller recipe…and it was love at first taste. Since then, and especially during the fall months, we roasted the crap outta some beets. Yellow beets, red beets, any kind of beet. We eat them warm, cold, on salads…and now we drink them.

We were excited to try this cocktail recipe we found in Saveur Magazine, so we searched high and low for bottled beet juice. Apparently no one else loves beets as much as we do, because it was hard to find…until we went to Whole Foods. The cocktail is bourbon-based, but it’s deep red, a little bit spicy, and tastes like…beets! It’s a new favorite in our house.

We recently had a dinner party and served this cocktail – about half of the guests made a grossed out face and said “Uh, I’ll have wine, thanks!” when we offered them a beet juice cocktail… but then peer pressure kicked in, everyone tried it, and either they were lying, or they loved it. We think it’s pretty stellar.

Recipe: Beet It

One response to “Beet It

  1. I am a pretty big fan of beets myself and this idea of a beet cocktail sounds not only healthy but delicious. I was wondering if you had tried to make your own beet juice for the cocktail instead of buying it from whole foods. Because I think the idea is great but might have a more desirable appearance with a yellow or pink beet instead.
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