Perfect Winter Salad

Sometimes a salad just doesn’t sound appropriate for winter.  It’s cold outside, and you want something warming and filling.  Not to mention, typical salad-appropriate produce you’ve seen in the grocery store is just a sad shadow of what you remember from the peak of summer.  There are definitely times when we feel that a salad is necessary after gorging on holiday food, but it’s hard to find a salad to get excited about this time of year otherwise.

All of this was true until we bought A New Turn in the South by Hugh Acheson.  He’s from Canada, a classically French trained chef, and a mastermind of southern cuisine.  What?!?  How do those things go together?   Sometimes the best things come from unexpected places, and in this case, some of the best food in the south found its way to us by way of Ottawa.  Hugh’s restaurant in Atlanta, Empire State South, is our #1 “Have to Try Next” restaurant and we can’t wait to taste it for ourselves.

Until we get to the restaurant, we’re really enjoying his cookbook.  Which brings me back to the salad – it fits everything you want in winter.  The produce is seasonally appropriate, and the dish itself is warm, filling, and comforting.  We recommend this recipe to you, but most of all, recommend that you add A New Turn in the South to your Christmas wish list.

Recipe: Roasted Beet and Carrot Salad



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