Tired of Thanksgiving Food Yet?

This was the first year that we cooked and enjoyed the Thanksgiving mid-day meal for the two of us.  We had a great time with family later in the weekend, but on Thursday morning, it was a blast to just be in the kitchen preparing all sorts of delicious food and finalizing our menu for the meal.  Then, when it came time to eat, we lit the candles, opened a great bottle of wine, and savored every bite, enjoying the time to reflect on all we’re grateful for.

Cooking for two, we expected leftovers, of course.  Some of the menu items like our butternut squash have been leftover sides for the entire extended weekend (and now there’s no way I could eat another bite).  For other items, we decided to scale it down.  For example, instead of a huge turkey, we roasted a duck (and then used the fat for sweet potato pie crust!)

As you can see from the plate below, there was no shortage of delicious food.  In addition to the duck and the butternut squash, we also had herbed mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, apple-cranberry crumble, peanut butter dressing, pear chips, and a new favorite, brussel sprout hash.  For dessert, we had the sweet potato pie and one of Dad’s traditional pecan pies.  One of Mary Katherine’s co-workers and friends gave us a great recipe for the sprouts, and its awesome.  Mom and Dad agreed when they tried it, and we’re posting it now so everyone can get as much out of this recipe in the holiday season as possible!

Hope you’re not too tired of Thanksgiving food to give this one a try in the coming weeks – it’s a fairly simple recipe and the flavor is fantastic.

Good luck with your Monday coming back from the long weekend!

Recipe: Brussel Sprout Hash

One response to “Tired of Thanksgiving Food Yet?

  1. This all looks delicious! Peggy and I had fun reading your posts over the weekend! I just bought some brussel sprouts to cook – but I don’t have bacon or shallots – but I might just go back to the store!

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