Sweet Potato Pie with Duck Fat Crust

Our Thanksgiving morning was spent sipping Trader Joe’s Wintry Blend coffee (the most scrumptious, spiced coffee mix ever), and scouring magazines and cookbooks and the internet for the recipes we wanted to make that day. We are grateful for a lot of things this year, but on Thanksgiving morning, we were especially thankful for warm slippers, spiced coffee, each other, and drool-inspiring recipes.

After agreeing that it seemed silly to have mashed potatoes AND mashed sweet potatoes, we decided we’d use the bag of sweet potatoes we bought for a homemade pie. There are thousands of sweet potato pie recipes out there… but when we saw a recipe for Duck Fat Pie Crust, our jaws dropped and we started baking. We were, after all, having DUCK instead of turkey, so the duck fat would be easy to come by.

The crust is exceptionally easy to make, and the duck fat made it perfectly flaky and crumbly. The pie filling is pretty standard – except that it has a little bourbon in it, which adds a nice kick. We know that about 95% of people in America ate sweet potato pie on Thanksgiving, but we think ours was pretty special.

Oh, and it’s not pictured here, but if you add a little bourbon and sugar to your whipped cream, it pairs pretty darn well with this pie.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Pie with Duck Fat Crust 

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