Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometime, in the coming years, we’ll get our act together and post Thanksgiving themed recipes the week before Thanksgiving.  This year is not that year.  Maybe we’ll post some holiday-inspired food in December… maybe…

Hopefully you’ve used the search function on our blog to find our roast turkey recipe and any other side dishes that you might want for Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Maybe some mashed white sweet potatoes?  Or perhaps you were looking for butternut squash? (If you substitute the pancetta in that recipe for an equal amount of guenciale, its even better!)

Instead of traditional Thanksgiving fare, we’re posting a fall-affiliated recipe this morning for when you’ve recovered from your turkey feast – Colonial Game Pie!  A legendary meal in the Rordam household from many good memories at the King’s Arms Tavern, its worth the effort.  Landon visited a few weeks ago, and we spent the afternoon fixing these delicious pies.

Maybe you’ll spend time today making the pies on a whim!  Like everyone else, you probably have some game lying around the house (think of those still-life paintings you see in the museums) and need a use for it this Thanksgiving.

Even if you’re not cooking up some game pie, we hope you have a very happy day.  We sure are thankful for our incredible family and friends, for Chance, for each other, and for great food.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Recipe: Colonial Game Pie

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