As Mary Katherine announced on Sunday, we’ve discovered a love for cocktails.  There’s really an incredible world of tastes that we’ve never ventured into beyond the basics, and it’s exciting to try new ingredients and ideas.  One of my favorite, if not the #1 favorite, discovery is Fernet Branca.  It’s an Italian liquor that has incredible flavor.  It’s quite bitter, but if you can get beyond that, a little Fernet on the rocks will yield some pretty incredible flavor dimensions.

In a cockail, Fernet displays a lot of its flair while also being somewhat toned down by the other ingredients.  You get the flavor without the overwhelming bitterness – what’s not to like?  Our first cocktail we’re featuring with Fernet is a bourbon cocktail – combining a lot of our favorite flavors.  We added angostura bitters to the drink, but you certainly don’t have to.

We first found this recipe on the Cocktail Database here.  There’s also interesting information on Fernet from the Wall Street Journal if you care to read more about this awesome spirit.

Recipe: Fanciulli Cocktail

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