A recipe and a weekend recap

Our friend Melissa came to visit from Williamsburg this weekend. This wasn’t her first trip to Atlanta, so we didn’t waste time at the tourist attractions (which are awesome, just expensive and tiring). Instead, we just did what we usually do on weekends and enjoyed her company: walked Chance, went to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market, explored new restaurants and neighborhoods, and cooked at home.

On Friday night we went to Fritti, a great pizza place in Inman Park, and went to bed fairly early. On Saturday night, we went to Holeman and Finch, a new favorite in Buckhead, for cocktails and appetizers. Then we meandered over to HD1 (a haute dog joint), Richard Blais’ new restaurant in the Highlands, and split a Eastbound & Down Dog (a hot dog with barbecue and cole slaw on top!). Delicious. That was followed by brownies and ice cream at home… we’re not losing any weight these days.

On Sunday, we introduced her to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market, and bought a basket full of yummy, fresh produce. We spent the afternoon and evening cooking a gourmet dinner (Melissa is a food enthusiast, too…we don’t force all of our house guests to cook!). For an appetizer, Gardner made Chanterelles on Toast, a recipe that belongs to Hugh Acheson. A local paper was previewing his new cookbook with the recipe, so we decided to try it out – and we were not disappointed. We also made homemade French onion soup, roasted beets and brussel sprouts, and hanger steak with bourbon sauce… but for now, here are the Chanterelles on Toast. 🙂

Recipe: Chanterelles and Toast

We hope you had a fun, eventful weekend, too!

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