Anniversary/Boston Trip

We promise this is still a food blog…we just haven’t posted about food much lately. Sorry!

I haven’t mentioned it on the blog yet, but I have a new job in Atlanta…I’m doing some freelance work for 22squared, an advertising agency. I’m having a great time and love working, but one side effect of life lately is that the pup has been a little lonely. It’s a big change to go from having Mom (me) around all the time, available for impromptu snuggle sessions and stick tug-of-wars, to being alone in the house most of the day. Even though he has a dog-walker that comes mid-day for a playdate, it’s been kinda rough on the big guy.

Here’s what happens when we come home everyday, and what happened when we got home from Boston:

What a big, snuggly guy. We love him so much.

We thought you might want to hear a little about our anniversary trip to Boston, which was also a nice excuse to see our good friends Molly and Dave. Here you go: Boston Trip Details! Recipes will return soon, I promise!

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