2 Frugal Crafters

We apologize for the non-food-related post… but we thought since we were re-doing part of our dining area, you might be the slightest bit interested. We’ve been on the hunt for a more attractive and more comfortable set of dining room chairs for quite some time. After my recent addiction to Pinterest, I was hoping for the uber-stylish upholstered kind with sloping arms and beautiful details… but we just don’t have $300 x 6 chairs to throw around right now. Something like this would have been nice:

one day we'll have something like this...

But, on a recent trip to a thrift store, I decided to embrace the hodge-podge dining room look and buy 4 wooden chairs to paint and recover. After all, I like to think I’m a little bit crafty, and I figured it would be a fun weekend project. My thought was that 4 different wooden chairs, all painted the same color and recovered in the same fabric, could look like a cute little hodge-podgey set. And it’d be much, much more affordable.

Here are the before pictures (two of the chairs are the same):

Clockwise from top left: $8, $15, $10 (two of them)

and a few pictures of the process: we sanded them, primed them, painted them, and recovered them over the course of 2 days.

And, here’s the price breakdown:

Chairs: $47

Primer: $7 (2 cans)

Paint: $10 (Walmart Spray Paint is $1 a can…and somehow we used 10 cans)

Staple Gun and staples: $13 (also from Walmart)

Sanding sponge: $3

Fabric: $9

Total: $89 buckaroos.

some of these pictures are cropped, but you get the idea.

all done!

We are really happy with the new look of our dining area… and excited about our thrifty, crafty adventure. It was HARD work, but totally worth it. Hope you enjoyed your weekend, too! We’ll post more food/recipes soon!

13 responses to “2 Frugal Crafters

  1. My mom is a much better blog-reader than I am. She told me about this post tonight and I must say I am truly inspired!! You guys are amazing!

  2. Such a cute idea! Your new chairs look great! I really enjoy reading your posts. Hope you are enjoying Atlanta – and hope to see you soon. – Katherine

  3. we’re actually getting ready to do the same thing! mom and dad had an old set of cherry dining chairs. they’re all the same, but i’m going to paint them the same color and recover the seats in coordinating fabrics…i’m so excited to work on mine after seeing how great yours look!!

  4. I love the chairs! I know that y’all are proud of yourselves — and you should be. Congratulations! Granny

  5. I’m so proud of you!!!! I love projects like that. Im sure Peggy is very impressed. You got her genes in crafting.
    love you both

  6. The chairs are awesome! Your touch is always so special. Sitting around your table has always been as good as it gets and now the food AND the furniture are off the charts!!!

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