Coffee Heath Bar Brownie Ice Cream

I used to think it was common knowledge that everyone shed a few pounds in the summer. It makes sense, right? People are more active, more inclined to take the pup to the park, more energized during the warm (HOT) summer months. Similarly, I try not to get too upset when I pack on a few pounds each fall/winter…after all, I’m sitting under a blanket eating stew and warm baked goods for a large majority of those months.

Well, those days are long gone. Summer has turned into a very good excuse to eat ice cream…because in 2008, a very generous wedding guest gave us an ice cream maker, and we love nothing more than to hear it churning away in the summer months.

Last weekend, we made Coffee Heath Bar Brownie Ice Cream. (I feel like I should be able to come up with a more clever title than just a long list of ingredients, but so far that’s what I’ve got.)

It is the most delectable, dreamy ice cream we’ve ever made. It was originally just going to be coffee heath bar, but we had 4 leftover brownies from the night before sitting around, so we threw those in for good measure. I’ve made Gardner promise that we will make at least 1 quart of this per summer.  I’m going to hope for closer to 1 quart per two weeks, but a girl’s gotta be realistic.

If you haven’t made homemade ice cream before, this is a good starter recipe, too. It’s really simple, with little to no hands-on time. Enjoy!

Recipe: Coffee Heath Bar Brownie Ice Cream

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